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Studio Booth High Power Headphone Sharers

I was recently commissioned to build 3 sets of 4 way Studio Headphone Sharers - Each to be powered by Quad 303 stereo Amplifiers - Each with individual volume controls and with the proviso that plugging in more headphones will not disturb sound levels to each individual user on the system.
A Headphone Sharer for users who need high levels of sound into their monitoring system - as LOUD and Hi-Fi as your equipment will allow.

Current sharers on the market deliver under 750milliWatts - quite loud in the earpods yet, for the hard of hearing - not sufficient to overcome the noises of other musicians in the booth.
Indeed, the sound quality from the hybrid amplifier chips used in modern sharers can also leave a lot to be desired.
Their Lo-Fi sound shows that true bandwidth, signal to noise ratio etc. seems not to have been designed into their circuitry!

Bring out old Analogue loudspeaker technology and the truly High Powered Headphone Quality Controller is re-born.

Drive up to 4 stereo feeds from your desk into your own Power Amplifiers housed in the control room, feed the loudspeaker outputs from the Power Amplifiers through standard 1/4 inch Jack Balanced Snakes into the booth to drive the Headphone Sharer as you want. The sound quality is therefore dependent to the headphones used and the power amplifiers you drive them with. True sound quality in the Studio Booth is now within your control.

The Headphones receive from 40Hz to 20KHz (your equipment dependent) - each musician can control his/her left and right hand headphone earpods for level. The optional Sharer Foldback Speaker Outputs in the booth will receive full frequency from the Channel 1 Stereo Feed. My latest box design with professional custom built circuit boards has 4 sets of stereo inputs via stereo 1/4" Jack Socket feeds from the control room.

If you drive the sharer from a single stereo Power Amplifier - then all 4 Headphone sets will receive whatever you drive into Feed number 1.
If you have another feed from the desk (via another stereo Power Amplifier) then Headphone user 1 will hear Feed 1 and all other headphone users will hear the drive from the Feed number 2.
3 stereo input Feeds will give you 3 independent outputs into headphones 1 and 2 with headphone user 3 and 4 receiving No 3 Feed.
With 4 input feeds each user can hear independent sounds - by this CASCADE principle of Feeds you could also mix vocals in the Left Hand Earpod and Drums in the Right Earpod etc. Up to 8 individual drives with user level control for all.

Each set of headphone outputs has independent control of left and right hand power levels via de-coupled heavy duty potentiometers.
Headphones used can be as low as 2 Ohm impedance and up to 5K Ohms.
Plugging in lower impedance headphones will naturally achieve higher DB levels of power into the Earpods yet the Power Amplifier will not change its' output levels.
The Power Amplifiers will 'see' a fixed impedance (with no Foldback Speakers connected).
If a set of Foldbacks are used in the booth then they should each be a minimum of 4 Ohms impedance (standard Power Amplifier requirements).

Solid State Amplifiers of up to 100 Watts RMS per channel may be used into this Sharer.

They are not recommended for use with Valve Power Amplifiers unless specific modifications for Valve use are made!

These Sharers are hand built and guaranteed.

Feedback from a customer:
"Fantastic headphone sharer https:"
"It is much better sounding than the 200 euros studio headphone amps. The sound was fantastic on my mixer and on the Behringer headphone amp it was terrible."
"The sound is clearer and cleaner from the new headphone sharer than from the headphone amplifier within the amplifier driving it!"
"And of course - much louder!."

Further versions of this High Powered Headphone system are possible eg:
The pictures show a 4 and 8 way Sharer previously built and sold - the standard unit in the same Hammond heavy duty Case (with customised Logos) is a 4 channel version with automatic cascade input/output switching as indicated in the connections graphics.
If you need different configurations then please email for your particular specification and requirement to be costed.
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 + way versions are now possible with the new solo channel circuit boards just in from the my board manufacturer.
Additional Foldback monitor outputs are also possible.

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