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The Revox A77 MKII superseded the MK1 (obvious really). It had all the benefits of the MK1 ie: a 3 motor 1/4inch tape machine from Revox utilising Studer Heads, Motors and other parts, but offered some new internal modifications to that of the previous model.

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The unit was available with 2 speed models:
Standard Model - 71/2 and 33/4 Inches Per Second
High Speed Model- 15 and 71/2IPS.
Again, like all A77s the speed change facility was controlled by the rotary Mains On/Off Switch on the right hand side of control panel. All A77s offer different reel tensions dependent to the spool size in use controlled by the same Mains Switch!!!

As the silver finish control panel had been silk screened in bulk, Revox issued the High Speed machine with little stickers marked 15 and 71/2 over the 71/2 and 33/4 silk screen motifs on the panel respectively.

European models had a different set of High Speed stickers marked 38 and 19 relative to the 15 and 71/2 IPS speeds. These European speed qualification stickers measure the tape speed in Centi Metres per second.

This "Studio Quality" style (or HS) machine gave a better signal to noise ratio at the higher speed and allowed the unit to be bought and used in many recording studios around the world.

Available with a Wooden case, an Alloy chassis mount sleeve (for studio rack mount use) and now with what is called a Suitcase Model. The Suitcase includes 2 sets of internal loudspeakers mounted in the sides which are wired to the Power Supply Unit Board by plug-on tags. Additionally, the Suitcase model has 2 individual Power Amplifier Boards installed to special sockets on the PSU Board.

The suitcase model also has some changes to the spool surround top panel - in that the `mottled` effect to the plastic was replaced with a smooth dark blue plastic finish panel. The reel caps are also made of a similar smooth finish plastic.

The Revox A77 MKII looks similar to the earlier MK1 - all panels, cases, parts etc being the same - except for the tape path transport on the MKII which now offered a Tensioned left hand post guide as show in the graphic on the right. This spring loaded tensioner post moves in sympathy with the tape being spooled to and from the left hand spool which makes spooling much smoother than with the fixed post MK1 model. This - externally - is the only way you will be able to identify a MKII unit from the MK1.

As with all Revox A77s the MKII was available with 2 tape formats - the 1/2 track (2 track) and the 1/4 track stereo (4 track). Please CLICK HERE to refer to the `Tape and Track Formats` page for a more in-depth description of track use.
Revox A77 MKII Revox A77 mounted with amplifiers and loudspeakers in a Suitcase Revox A77 MKII Tensioned Tape Guide Post.
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