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The Revox A77 MKIV offered more radical design changes to the previous models noticeable mostly by the Control Panel and its' New Knob Set.

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A newly designed Blue Revox Motif on the Flip Lid front Panel is also a feature to the MKIV. Notice the new style knobs which are a much hardier construction to the original MKI - MKII knobs. The smaller Mains Rotary Control Switch knob, however, has a nasty habit of shearing off - so great care should be made when turning the machine on and off or changing speed!

The Silver backed Meters first employed in the MKIII are also present with the backlit `on` bulb present too.

By the time of the MKIV - component manufacturers had completed their re-developments to transistor technology - ensuring super low noise components could be installed to this model. Indeed, the Integrated Circuit had by this time been invented - and 2 new ICs (with integrated internal amplifier circuits) were employed on the Motor Control Servo Board on this model. Gone is the monster multi-coiled transformer too on this modified board! A single speed control potentiometer (easy to get at too) on the board makes life simpler for the technician who has to service this model.

Same heads, transport, motors, brakes et al - just electronic enhancements which make the MKIV the ultimate Tape Deck from the A77 range.
(Well nearly, CLICK HERE to have a look at the Dolby Version too).

As with all Revox A77s the MKIV was available with 2 tape formats - the 1/2 track (2 track) and the 1/4 track stereo (4 track). Please CLICK HERE to refer to the `Tape and Track Formats` page for a more in-depth description of track use.
Revox A77 MKIV model - Note the White Lines over the Contols on the Panel Revox A77 MKIV Control Switches and New Rotary Knob Structure Revox A77 MKIV Control Switches and New Rotary Knob Structure
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