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Displaying Photos for the Mains Filter

Baldwin HiFi Heavy Duty Mains Filter Modules - 8 Amps per module. 2 and 4 Way units available

Feedback from a Customer who has a lot of Digital Equipment which has caused him Earth loops, spurious noises and all sorts.
4 Channel Unit supplied:
"Just received the unit. I installed it and connected my headphone amp, cd player and Exposure amp. The electrical noises I had with my headphone amp are completely gone. It's dead silent now.
I also had loud pops and noises coming out of my speakers when I switched on the Exposure amp, also gone. Just a really gentle pop, what the Exposure amp should do. Later today I'm going to test out the Brooklyn, but I'm already really happy! Thank you very very much!"
Analogue circuitry comes to the aid of horrid digital equipment!

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