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Displaying Photos for the Pedals PSU

Baldwin HiFi Stage Power Supply for Guitar Pedals
2 x cases - the PSU is positioned Off Stage thus keeping dangerous AC Mains Off-Stage.
It has 6 individual DC Outputs which are adjustable from 5VDC to 30VDC. Each output can deliver 1.5Amps at the Voltage set by you. A Rotary switch on the front panel allows the user to select the channel to be adjusted connecting the inbuilt VoltMeter to that channel.
Any Adjustments should be made before the Umbillical cable is connected.
The ON-Stage Baldwin HiFi Pedals Stomp DC PSU Distributor Box has internal switches which allow each channel to deliver either positive tip or negative tip power to the connected Pedal Unit.
Once all the Outputs have been set to the Voltage required then the Umbillical connection cable can be installed.
Common GROUNDED Earth throughout - no more HUMS!

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