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Due to my age and personal factors: Repairs to Tape Machines have now ceased

Equipment Servicing:

Due to my age and personal factors: Repairs to Tape Machines have now ceased I have a wealth of experience in servicing the Revox A77, B77 and PR99 range of machines. Bulbs, belts and internal electronic components (such as setup potentiometers) are replaced from NEW stock - other items required can usually be replaced with good quality second-hand spares from our extensive stocks of stripped machines.

A service includes internal blow-out with a compressor, Brake Cleaning and Adjustment, Speed Calibration, Motor Bearings cleaned and oiled, Head Azimuth and Machine Meter, Output, Record Levels and Bias setups. Setups are made for the Maxell XLI and Zonal 675/800 series and of course the recommended RMG branded new tapes - the SM900 and SM911 range of High Bias Tapes.

Should I discover worn-out Heads then I will contact the owner for a decision to proceed with replacements (these are quite an expensive item to replace).

I pride myself that a machine will be returned to the owner in beautiful operational condition where the sound quality of Record/Replay will make the owner smile with pleasure.

Due to the escalating costs of carriage to and from the client - I would prefer delivery and collection from the West Sussex base. This also ensures that no damage to this delicate equipment will be done by the sometimes clumsy couriers.

An Extract from Pauls' Ebay Advert - Servicing Costs around 145.00 + parts at cost
  • Specialist repairs - setups and refurbishment to Revox A77, B77 and PR99 Tape Recorders undertaken by a retired engineer (I started repair work in the late 60`s).
  • Location Yapton - Arundel - West Sussex.
  • No charge for the initial  machine review on the bench.
  • On average - 3 hours is required for mechanical checks/adjustments and electronic setups to be completed.
  • Dedicated fully equipped workshop with many new and old spares `off the shelf` from over 40 Revox machines.
  • Delivery and collection only (under your own steam) - these machines do not like Courier Travel!
  • I work to component level to analyse faults and repair machines - throw away is limited to broken components only! `Old for New` belts, bearings, sensors, bulbs, transistors, resistors and capacitors replacement is normal - all other replacements (as required) come from my extensive stock from "40 year old - similar - machines".
  • You can leave your machine - or (better) - stay and help bring your machine back to life!! We will discuss and fix any problems together - Tea and Coffee provided too.
  • Many Studios in the South now use my services to repair / or bring their tape machines "Up to Spec". (The guys still want that ellusive `analogue sound` quality produced by carefully setup Olde Worlde Tape Machines to enhance and `Re-Master` their digitally mastered recordings - who would have thought -eh?)
  • Lots of my clients come back later with their other `newly Ebay purchased` machine problems too!
  • Bias adjustments to your own tape - or to recommended (RMG) new tapes are standard.
  • The final Equalisation setup is adjusted `to your please your own ear`.
  • Bring your own known CDs - and you will be surprised by their audio improvement when recorded on your refurbished machine.
  • All my Clients leave the workshop with a smile of satisfaction knowing that their prized machine now works and sounds - outstandingly - at a realistic minimal cost.
  • All work undertaken is guaranteed.
  • At the moment - Weekdays are my specified "Repair Dates" - you will need to organise your `Bring-It-To-Sussex` dates to these days (by appointment). I allocate the entire day to each client.
  • Repairs/Setups are also available for Akai, Ampex, Calrec, Neve, Teac, Technics, Sony,  Studer etc Studio style analogue machines too (spares dependent). I also repair Tuners, Amps etc.

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    Machines left in the workshop for more than 6 Months and not collected will be disposed of as Storage Costs are high.
Units are Designed and Hand Built by:
Paul Baldwin
Founder: BaldwinHiFi.Co.UK
12 Tack Lee Road
West Sussex
BN18 0HB - UK - Great Britain

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EBay Customers: Please use this direct email with your questions - the Ebay email system is now amazingly unusuable
and history has shown that either one of us can get banned for asking or responding to technical questions.

Tel: 01243 553231 - Mobile: 07858 089421
Please note: Paul may be contacted by telephone during his preferred admin period of between 5pm and 8pm. Thankyou.

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Servicing Specialities: Revox A77, B77, PR99, A700 and Teac Range. Akai, Sony and other brands can also be looked at (and fixed) with an expert eye - Amplifiers, Cassette Decks etc too!

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